CVWD approves additional $3 million for water conservation programs

Coachella Valley Water District (CVWD) approved an additional $3 million to encourage customer participation in conservation rebate programs bringing the total investment for fiscal year 2022-2023 to $5.85 million.

Since July 1, $650,000 has been paid to turf conversion program participants and an additional $2.2 million is reserved for approved projects. Revenue from drought penalties will be used to offset costs associated with conservation programs, eliminating adverse fiscal impacts to the Domestic Water Fund.

Approved projects are slated to replace about 950,000 square-feet of turf with water-efficient landscaping.

“This investment in conservation programs will encourage water-use efficiency for a sustainable aquifer and move us toward meeting the state’s conservation goal as we approach another dry year,” said CVWD Board President John Powell Jr.

Other CVWD rebate programs include water-efficient nozzle replacement, smart irrigation controllers, high-efficiency washing machine and toilet replacement.

Visit for program requirements and to apply. Some programs require pre-approval.

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