Homeowners punished for lack of water conservation
Homeowners punished for lack of water conservation

Homeowners punished for lack of water conservation

The city of Arcadia, located in Los Angeles County, has struggled to meet its mandatory 36 percent water cutbacks under Governor Jerry Brown’s emergency drought plan. As a means of reaching that goal, the city has taken a drastic measure: installing water flow restrictors on two residential households.

The two households who had the flow restrictors installed on their household had numerous warnings and fines, yet the homeowner failed to respond to the citations.

“The whole purpose is to get them to pay attention and to follow water conservation guidelines,” Sami Taylor, Arcadia’s water specialist, told Pasadena Star News. “It reduces the volume of water they get so it’s sort of a nuisance. We really don’t want to penalize anyone, but in some cases, we just need a behavior change.”

According to city officials, placing a water flow restrictor on a household is the third of four steps to encourage homeowners to follow mandatory water cutbacks. A residence will receive two warnings before a first citation is issued. At the same time the first citation is issued, the water flow restrictor is installed.

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