Metropolitan Water District Launches Summer Water Conservation Campaign

By on July 13, 2016
California Drought Information 2016

Love water. Save water. That is the simple message of Metropolitan Water District’s (MWD) new H2Love™ campaign launched this week. The $2.2 million advertising and outreach effort encourages all Southern Californians to treasure the state’s limited water resources and embrace conservation as a way of life.

The H2Love campaign objective is to inspire Californians to make a lifelong commitment to saving water at home, at work and in their communities.

“In the face of this historic drought, Californians have proven they can respond to calls to save water, even under challenging conditions,” said MWD General Manager Jeffrey Kightlinger. “We are asking everyone to make a long-term commitment, to show their love for water by conserving it. We are moving past last year’s state mandated cutbacks and making a choice to use water wisely every day, rain or shine.”

Many local reservoirs and groundwater aquifers reached record low levels last year due to the drought and while last winter’s rain and snow in Northern California have helped to replenish some of those reserves, scientists are predicting more dry conditions ahead.

Print, online and radio H2Love ads began running across the Southland this week. The campaign is designed to reach diverse audiences, running in 53 community newspapers in five languages—English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese—and on more than 75 radio stations. The ads offer water-saving tips and refer audiences to MWD’s conservation website.

In addition, this weekend marks the official start of MWD’s partnership with the Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Galaxy. Galaxy fans will be treated to H2Love conservation messages and tips during home games. MWD is also teaming up with the LA Galaxy on its “Protect the Pitch” program, which supports local environmental and community projects.

To spread the H2Love conservation message further, MWD is using the hashtags #H2Love and #H2♥ on social media platforms to share personal stories of individuals who have taken water conservation to heart. These stories will celebrate everyday water-saving heroes at home, in their gardens, at school and in the community.

“The hot summer months are here,” Kightlinger said, “and we urge everyone to do their part and conserve. As our campaign says, Love Water. Save Water.”