DWR approves Yuba Groundwater Sustainability Plan

Recycled water conversion project saves Temecula thousands of gallons

Thanks in part to a Department of Water Resources (DWR) grant, Rancho California Water District (Rancho Water) and the City of Temecula have converted nearly 330,000 square feet of landscaped area to recycled water, saving the City thousands of gallons of water.

Temecula and Rancho Water began work on a “Recycled Water Conversion Project” in July 2017 to convert existing potable (or drinkable) water irrigation systems to efficient recycled water systems. This project included the installation of drip components, high efficiency nozzles, and smart irrigation controllers for landscaped areas in the communities of Temeku Hills and Crowne Hill including Butterfield Stage landscape medians. Additionally, all City parks and roadway landscape areas within the Harveston neighborhood are irrigated with reclaimed water, including Harveston Lake.

“The City of Temecula has always been one of Rancho Water’s forward-thinking partners,” said Rancho Water Board of Directors President Carol Lee Gonzales-Brady. “California’s ongoing drought calls for us to think innovatively, pursuing projects that will result in long-term solutions and water reliability. By converting so many developments to recycled water, the City shows its commitment to collaborating with Rancho Water on important water saving measures.”

Next on the City’s list to convert to reclaimed waterlines is Kent Hintergardt Memorial Park. Additionally, the City replaced turf areas with water efficient landscape at Winchester Creek Park and Sam Hicks Monument Park, and is doing so in other parks including passive turf areas within The Temecula Duck Pond, Serena Hills Park, Riverton Park, Loma Linda Park, Meadows Park, and Voorburg Park.

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