West Basin Delivers Recycled Water to SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park

The West Basin Municipal Water District (West Basin) announced its first delivery of recycled water to SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park, home of the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers, in the city of Inglewood, Calif.

West Basin will produce and distribute recycled water for landscape irrigation, maintenance, and aesthetic purposes at the landmark sports and entertainment destination. Combine that with several recycled water connections nearby, the project will provide 26 million gallons of recycled water per year.

“SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park is a great example of public-private partnership. Together we are able to help reduce the use of our precious drinking water sources by investing in a recycled water system that is world class,” said West Basin Board President Gloria D. Gray.

Lake Park, the central water feature that enhances the striking design of SoFi Stadium, consists of an upper and lower lake bridged by cascading waterfalls with a total volume of approximately 16 million gallons. The nearly six acres of lake will utilize approximately 35 acre-feet of recycled water per year (AFY), the equivalent of 11.4 million gallons each year.

“Onsite recycled water is vital for sustainable water usage at SoFi Stadium,” said Jason Gannon, managing director for SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park. “The lakes on the property will serve as an irrigation reservoir for the more than 20 acres of public parks and open space surrounding Lake Park, with additional sustainability achieved by blending stormwater and runoff that is captured and cleaned through the wetlands.”

In addition to the lakes, the greenery along the street medians and parking lots and landscaped areas surrounding the stadium will also be using recycled water.

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