Dublin San Ramon moves to Stage 2 Water Shortage Emergency

Dublin San Ramon moves to Stage 2 Water Shortage Rates

Operating under a Water Shortage Emergency, the Dublin San Ramon Services District (DSRSD) Board of Directors approved Stage 2 Water Shortage rates at its October 5 meeting.

Based on current conditions and water supply scenarios for 2022, on September 1, 2021, the Zone 7 Board of Directors declared a Stage 2 Water Shortage Emergency asking for mandatory conservation from its water retailers of 15% as compared to 2020.

In response, the DSRSD Board declared a Stage 2 Water Shortage Emergency on September 21, mandating 15% conservation and implementing Water Use Regulations (detailed below). On October 5, the DSRSD Board adopted Stage 2 Water Shortage rates effective November 5. The rates will increase the cost of a unit of water (100 cubic feet or 748 gallons) from $1.32 per unit to $1.66. Without conservation, the average single family residence water bill is estimated to increase $3.40 monthly ($6.80 per bimonthly water bill). The increase in rates is a way to encourage customers to do all they can to conserve, especially those who use the most water.

“The District is ramping up water conservation because we are concerned about water supply for next year,” General Manager Dan McIntyre said. “The drought is serious, and anything we can do to save water now is essential.”

Water Shortage Emergency Water Use Regulations

Irrigation regulations:

  • Outdoor irrigation is limited to occur between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. to reduce evaporation
  • Outdoor irrigation is limited to no more than three non-consecutive days per week
  • Starting November 1 and lasting through February 28, outdoor irrigation is limited to one day per week

Additional water-saving regulations:

  • Customers must repair or stop water leaks upon discovery or within 24 hours notification by DSRSD
  • Washing hard surfaces such as buildings, fences, and vehicles with potable water is prohibited, except for building exteriors and fences for the sole purpose of repainting or repairs. Pressurized washers must be equipped with a quick action shut-off nozzle
  • Cleaning windows using a direct connection to potable water is prohibited

Commercial/construction regulations:

  • Restaurants, cafes, and other public places where food is sold/served may only serve water upon request
  • Commercial kitchens are required to use pre-rinse spray valves
  • Lodging establishments must offer the option for customers to opt out of daily linen service
  • The use of potable water for construction and dust control is prohibited. All potable water construction meters are required to be replaced with recycled water construction meters.

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