MWD to Update Plan for Meeting Southern California’s Future Water Needs

By on February 3, 2020
Metropolitan Water District

The board of directors of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) formed a special committee to provide input on how the region’s water supplies will be developed and managed over the next two decades.

After hearing from staff and experts, the committee will be making recommendations to the full board on how to update MWD’s Integrated Water Resources Plan. The plan was originally adopted in 1996 and is updated every five years.

The 25-year plan takes an in-depth look at ways to achieve long-term supply reliability for Southern California in the face of evolving challenges such as climate change, demographic shifts and supply costs. It establishes targets for a diversified and cost efficient water supply portfolio, including imports from Northern California and the Colorado River, conservation, recycling, groundwater storage and clean up, storm water recharge and desalination.

“Ensuring Southern California has a reliable supply of water takes long-range planning,” said Barry D. Pressman, M.D., the city of Beverly Hills’ representative on Metropolitan’s board who will chair the special committee. “We all know we can’t rely exclusively on imported water anymore, nor does Southern California have enough local supplies to meet demands. We need a diverse portfolio. The IRP helps us translate that goal into reality, guiding us as we make decisions on infrastructure investments.”

For more information about the IRP process and opportunities to provide input, email