Artwork from four Western Riverside County Students to be featured in MWD’s 2018 Calendar

By on December 3, 2017
Western Municipal Water District

Four students in Western Municipal Water District’s (WMWD) service territory have had their artwork selected to be featured in Metropolitan Water District (MWD) of Southern California’s 2018 annual “Water is Life” Art Contest calendar. The four children’s artwork was selected from among hundreds of submissions from throughout Southern California.

The youngsters will be honored at a celebration reception on Dec. 7 at Metropolitan’s Los Angeles headquarters. This year’s celebration will feature an art exhibit with all winning art pieces, a student recognition ceremony and presentation.

“Western believes in educating our youth and inspiring them to study water”, said WMWD’s General Manager John Rossi. “Water truly is life. The Water is Life Art Contest is an opportunity for students to take water and science concepts and creatively apply them to another area of study, such as art. The student artwork creates a powerful message about our water resources to both the students who create them, as well as those who appreciate their artwork.”

The winners from Western Municipal’s service area include:

  • Seth Fogle, El Cerrito Middle School

City of Corona DWP – Western Municipal Water District

  • Adan Martinez, William Collier Elementary

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District – Western Municipal Water District

  • Glenda Sanchez, Hillcrest High School

Western Municipal Water District – Western Municipal Water District

  • Noelia Tuitasi, William Collier Elementary School

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District – Western Municipal Water District

Metropolitan Water District is a wholesale water supplier for 26 cities and water agencies – including Western Municipal Water District – and serves nearly 19 million people in six Southern California counties. Students in WMWD’s service area annually submit artwork for the opportunity to be featured in MWD’s well-recognized calendar.  A final selection of 36 art pieces is featured in the annual “Water is Life” Student Art Calendar which has an annual distribution of to 11,000 people. The Student Art Exhibit Tour will display student art and conservation messages to over 20,000 viewers throughout MWD’s service area over the course of 26 weeks.