HDR Expands its Water Resource Services, Acquires Sacramento-based David Ford Consulting Engineers

By on August 7, 2018

HDR of Omaha, NE has acquired the assets of Sacramento-based David Ford Consulting Engineers. Henceforth, David Ford Consulting Engineers will do business as HDR | David Ford Consulting Engineers. The two firms have previously worked together for federal and state (CA) clients and teamed on notable projects such as Oroville Dam and California Dam Safety Engineering and Geological Services.

David Ford Consulting Engineers are specialist in hydrology, water hydraulics and flood risk analysis, and other water-related services. They have providing expertise for highly complex hydrology and water hydraulic services to agencies such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the California Department of Water Resources. HDR’s expertise includes engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services in more than 200 locations around the world.

“We see this as a logical next step not only in our firm’s growth but also in our relationship with HDR,” said David Ford, Ph.D., president of David Ford Consulting Engineers. “We’ve worked on many projects together so we already feel like part of the team. Joining HDR simply formalizes that while giving our employees access to more professional resources.”

Eric Keen, HDR chairman and CEO, praised the David Ford team saying, “Their technical skills are unsurpassed and they are a great addition to HDR’s water resources team. We are excited about the additional depth they bring to our practice and to our clients around the world.”

Ford — an internationally recognized expert in water resources engineering, planning and management — will join HDR as a vice president. David Ford principals Thomas Molls, Ph.D., Nathan Pingel and Rhonda Robins will all join HDR as associates.

Ford is a licensed professional engineer and board-certified specialist in water resources engineering. Molls and Pingel are licensed professional engineers and board-certified specialists in water resources engineering. Robins is an attorney and member of the California Bar Association. Both Robins and Molls are certified floodplain managers.

The financial terms of HDR’s acquisition of David Ford Consulting Engineers have not been disclosed.