LADWP Earns Four Awards at Excellence in Environmental Engineering and Science™ Competition

By on June 6, 2018

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) has earned four new awards including the top national prize from the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (AAEES) at their annual Excellence in Environmental Engineering and Science™ Awards Competition. The coveted Superior Achievement award went to the department’s Water Conservation Potential Study (WCPS) which was develop by LADWP as a means to help meet Los Aneles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Sustainable City pLAn conservation goals. The city’s WCPS posted the highest national score across all nine competitive categories.

By studying the number of Los Angeles’s four million residents have exchanged inefficient water fixtures with more efficient devices allowed the city to determine more water conservation opportunities. The study found there are still many ways customers can conserve significant amounts of water; the study identified a potential 45 billion additional gallons of water per year through conservation efforts.

“Los Angeles is the first City to undertake a study of this scope and significance and we are proud that respected experts in the field of water have given it national recognition,” said Richard Harasick, Senior Assistant General Manager of the Water System. “This study will serve as a roadmap for LADWP in future conservation efforts.”

Other awards earned by LADWP include:

The Owens Lake Environmental Protection and Dust Mitigation Program won a Grand Prize in two categories — Environmental Sustainability and Operations & Management – which is the top category award. The program was created to protect the Owens Lake ecosystem while addressing the environmental challenges of the century-old Los Angeles Aqueduct System. This included the largest dust mitigation project in the U.S. and successfully reduce harmful dust by 99 percent on upwards of a 50-square-mile area on the dry Owens Lake bed. The project included other program goals of reducing public health risks; educating local residents and visitors about dust mitigation; and, creating opportunities for social and economic development by enhancing public access and recreation.

A collaborative effort between Los Angeles Sanitation and LADWP – the One Water LA 2040 Plan — also won a Grand Prize at the AAEES Awards Competition in the Planning Category. The Plan’s holistic and collaborative approach considered the city’s water resources, including surface water, groundwater, potable water, wastewater, recycled water, dry-weather runoff, and stormwater, as “One Water.” The Plan identified opportunities for multiple agencies to manage water in a more efficient, cost effective, and sustainable manner.

“The One Water LA effort has united the City family to do our collective best to consider every opportunity to further develop local water resources, improve drainage and flood protection, and protect downstream environments from pollution off our streets,” said Martin Adams, COO of LADWP.

AAEES awards projects throughout the United States that demonstrate leadership and excellence across various categories for environmental stewardship and engineering. Founded in 1955, AAEES is a society of professional engineers and scientists who have demonstrated special expertise, in a process similar to what is required for medical and other professional specialty certifications, in environmental engineering or science beyond that normally required for professional practice.

“These awards recognize LADWP’s work to be an example locally, nationally and globally in innovation and sustainability. It is great to be recognized for our efforts as a national leader in the water industry by experts in the field.  Our crews and water system staff are very deserving of these honors” said David H. Wright, LADWP General Manager.