Contractor using decades of experience to change the way people look at below-grade construction

By on December 19, 2019

Management gurus and motivational speakers preach that change is good. Whereas that may be true in many instances if the current method is functioning well and the budget supports the current method perhaps you should leave well enough alone. Until someone can prove that an alternate way of proceeding could eliminate 80 to 100 percent of part of a project’s cost and minimize the cost of land acquisition.

An alternative way for constructing new below-grade round water tanks that can provide the above benefits is a change worth considering. Just spend a few minutes with Dale Scheffler, owner and President, of D.J. Scheffler & Nye, a general engineering company that specializes in deep foundation drilling and earth shoring, and he’ll have you considering building your next below-grade water tank using his proprietary Secant Pile Concrete Compression Rings.

With more than 35 years of experience on some of the most challenging drilling projects in the U. S., D.J. Scheffler & Nye is known for value engineering for both the design and building of jobs involving deep foundations, micro-piles, underpinning, earth shoring, tiebacks and rock anchors, retaining walls and slope repair. This type of heavy-duty construction work provides a level of unparalleled expertise for water agencies looking to build their next below grade water tank.

“Secant Pile Concrete Compression Ring construction for below-grade water tanks allows water agencies to eliminate 80 to 100 percent of a project’s traditional temporary shoring and subsequently to minimize the amount of traditional land acquisition,” said Scheffler. “This significantly reduces the cost of a project and often can expedite the timeline for the construction of a below-grade round water tank.”

The Secant Pile Concrete Compression Ring construction process provides a series of adjoining piles built to fully surround a below-grade round water tank. The concrete construction of the piles minimizes, and in some cases eliminates, the need for temporary retaining walls that are traditionally built to protect the construction of the tank. Instead of using rebar as the piles’ core, the Scheffler team utilizes steel I-Beams to further strengthen the piles. Whereas rebar is flexible and can bend, steel I-Beams not only increase the integrity of the piles but the steel helps to keep the concrete from cracking.

Not only do projects utilizing Scheffler’s Secant Pile Concrete Compression Rings provide a higher level of construction integrity, the process maximizes a project’s savings and minimizes land acquisition costs. But to ensure the highest level of savings Scheffler is quick to note that this type of value engineering needs to start at the time of the project’s conception. D. J. Scheffler & Nye can work with the water agency and their architects and engineers with their design-build capabilities from the very beginning to provide an on-time and enduring quality project with savings heretofore unknown in the industry.

The Secant Pile Concrete Compression Ring concept is looking to change the way you build your next below-grade round water tank. Because as the management gurus and motivational speakers say, “change is good.”