Dominguez Technology Center now connected to West Basin MWD’s Recycled Water System

By on August 12, 2019
Recycled Water

Carson-based West Basin Municipal Water District (WBMWD) achieved a milestone last week when they completed and celebrated the connection of the Dominguez Technology Center to the water district’s recycled water system. Dominguez Technology Center, also in Carson, will now be able to use locally-produced, recycled water from WBMWD to irrigate the industrial center’s landscape saving over 40 million gallons of drinking water per year.

The Dominguez Technology Center, owned by Watson Land Company and Carson Companies, joins a diverse group of water district’s recycled water users that include over 200 municipal, commercial, and industrial customers throughout WBMWD’s 185-square mile service footprint. WBMWD has worked closely with a local purveyor, California Water Service, which owns the recycled water distribution pipeline within the site, to provide the campus with recycled water.

“The connection of the Dominguez Technology Center, in partnership with the Watson Land Company, Carson Companies, and California Water Service, shows how we can work together to secure a reliable water future in Carson and beyond,” said West Basin Division I Director Harold Williams, who represents the city of Carson and the Rancho Dominguez area.

California Water Service District Manager Dan Armendariz noted, “In the same way we’re committed to our customers and communities, we’re also committed to protecting the environment.”

Watson Land Company Director of Asset Management, Robert Smith added his comments saying, “The Watson Land Company is delighted that after many years of advance planning, a sustainable supply of irrigation water is now being supplied to the Dominguez Technology Center and its businesses.”

WBMWD will produce approximately 135 acre-feet per year of recycled water to service a total of 36 sites located on the Dominguez Technology Center business park’s campus. One acre foot is equal to 330,000 gallons equal to enough water to supply approximately three families for a year.

“Carson Companies supports the sustainable use of recycled water to promote the conservation of water resources and we’re proud to bring this service to the Dominguez Technology Center,” said Eddie Jakubik, vice president of Carson Companies.

The Dominguez Technology Center site is one of 14 local projects partially financed by The Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Bond Act (Prop 84) in the Greater Los Angeles Area Integrated Regional Water Management Plan. Additionally, this site was eligible for rebates through the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s On-site Retrofit Program.

To date, WBMWD has invested more than $600 million in its recycled water program and produced more than 200 billion gallons of recycled water since the program began in 1995. The water district is continuing to add to expand its recycled water system. Already, an additional 10 acre-feet-per-year of recycled water to irrigate Private James Anderson Park in Carson is planned for later this year.

“The District is proud of its recycled water achievements and history of leadership, and looks forward to adding more connections to its system as demand grows,” said WBMWD Board President Scott Houston.