Marina Coast Water District awarded $10.5M for Recycled Water Project and Distribution System

By on February 25, 2018

More than $10.5 million was recently awarded to the Marina Coast Water District (MCWD) from the Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014 and the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (Proposition 1). The low-interest loan and grant will be used for a recycled water transmission and distribution system serving both the MCWD Water Augmentation Program and Pure Water Monterey. The two water agencies are combining their projects for the construction of one transmission pipeline spanning ten miles through the Regional Urban Water Augmentation Project (RUWAP).

When completed the RUWAP Recycled Water Project will provide 1,427-acre-feet per year of water from sources other than groundwater within the district and up to 3,700-acre-feet of pure water to the Monterey Peninsula. Six hundred acre-feet of advance treated water will initially be delivered to MCWD customers in Marina and the Ord Community. This water will be suitable for direct injection into the Seaside Groundwater Basin for indirect potable reuse and will be of higher quality than tertiary treated and disinfected recycled water. It way be additionally used for urban landscape irrigation and help reduce the MCWD’s reliance on groundwater.

“This loan and grant award is another step forward in our commitment to provide new water supply sources for customers and for the region,” said Keith Van Der Maaten, MCWD’s general manager. “We are constantly evaluating and developing new ways to preserve and protect our water supply, to develop new sources for the future and emerge as a leader in collaboration and problem solving in the region.”

The RUWP was initially approved in 2006. The Environmental Impact Report was updated and recertified in 2015. In addition to building the pipeline, MCWD has approved plans to construct a storage reservoir – The Blackhorse Recycled Water Reservoir – and distribution pipes to deliver advanced treated water to existing and planned urban irrigation facilities.

Although MCWD has already completed the engineering and design for RUWAP and started construction on several sections of the transmission pipeline, the major phase of construction will now begin. Mountain Cascade, Inc. of Livermore has been awarded a contract to Mountain Cascade, Inc. in the amount of $22,648,480 to build the RUWAP pipeline and the Blackhorse Recycled Water Reservoir.

Neighborhood door hangers and posted construction alerts on a new website will aid residents by informing them on the project’s progress as well as any potential traffic impacts.  Mountain Cascade and MCWD have pledged to the community informed as the project proceeds. The project’s new website is available at: