Reclamation awards $4.9 million contract to Systems Integrated for Colorado River Storage

By on January 5, 2018
California Drought Water Reclamation Program

The Bureau of Reclamation has awarded a $4.9 million contract to Systems Integrated on Jan. 2 for a five-phase project to replace and modernize existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems in order to further standardize Reclamation’s system architectures between its Upper and Lower Colorado Regions. This is regarded as an important step in enhancing infrastructure control, monitoring, information security and knowledge sharing across the Colorado River Storage Project (CRSP).

This standardization will allow for a more cost-effective utilization of standard software packages and licenses, as well as a more efficient and agile response for emerging regulatory compliance and information security concerns surrounding Industrial Control Systems. The new system will expand Reclamation’s ability to provide accurate and detailed information to project customers and end users more quickly than ever before.

The first phase of the project will prototype the modernized SCADA system on two hydroelectric generators. These will be identified once work commences under the contract. Phase 2 will install and configure the new system across the remaining CRSP generators. Phases 3-5 will include ongoing monitoring and maintenance for the system. Work for this contract begins this month and is projected to conclude on or about January 2, 2023.

Since Congress authorized the Colorado River Storage Project in 1956, its facilities have provided life-sustaining water and power resources to communities across the arid West including Southern California. The Colorado River Storage Project will help ensure that those facilities continue to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible to continue providing water and power for millions of American homes, businesses and agricultural interests.