Western Completes Lurin Reservoir Management System

By on December 28, 2020
Western Municipal Water District

Western Municipal Water District (Western) recently completed the Lurin Reservoir Management System (RMS), an investment that will improve water quality for its Riverside customers.

The Lurin Reservoir site includes two drinking water reservoirs and one non-potable reservoir. Typically, water that is stored in a reservoir (water tank) can start to separate into layers—a process called stratification. Over time, some of those water layers can start to develop naturally occurring minerals. The Lurin RMS prevents this process by continuously mixing the water. In addition, the system observes and boosts treatments to protect the quality of drinking water.

“Critical improvements like these ensure we have the systems and processes in place to provide our customers with the highest quality of water possible,” said Western’s General Manager Craig Miller.

Western’s RMS was installed adjacent to the two Lurin drinking water tanks that serve a portion of Western’s Riverside service area located in the Woodcrest neighborhood. Each tank has a capacity of 5 million gallons.

This project was a joint effort involving several Western teams including automation and electrical services, mechanical services, and construction maintenance.

“Western is fortunate to have highly-skilled employees who are properly trained in developing and managing these types of systems,” Miller said. “At Western, we’re collectively driven by our mission to provide superior service—whether that’s through our face-to-face interactions with customers or behind the scenes, through projects like these that ensure ongoing assurance for water quality.”

The Lurin RMS project took 6 months to construct and cost approximately $458,000, with funding identified in Western’s five-year Capital Improvement and Facilities Plan.