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  • California Water Legislation Coming Soon
    California Republicans introduce water legislation in House of Representatives

    Last week Congressman David Valadao introduced H.R. 2898, commonly known as the Western Water and American Food Security Act of 2015. The legislation would modernize water policies throughout California and the West Coast. Support for the bill...

    • Posted June 28, 2015
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  • California Water is a Rare Commodity
    The battle for control of America’s water

    Water legislation continues to be a hot button issue nationwide, with President Barack Obama announcing in May 2015 a far-flung clean water regulation – one that would, unless it is blocked by Congress, restore the federal government’s...

    • Posted May 30, 2015
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  • California Water Water Restrictions Tighten
    California drought laws unveiled

    The California State Water Resources Control Board unveiled new regulations last week that will guide California through its exceptional drought. The new California drought laws will go into effect immediately. The laws dictate how much potable (drinkable)...

    • Posted May 11, 2015
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  • California Water Bill Does Not Pass
    Assembly bills for water storage voted down

    California Assembly Democrats shot down legislation that would have allowed for the construction of water storage sites in California, which is facing a massive water crisis. Assembly bills 397, 956 and 311 were all Republican bills that...

    • Posted May 1, 2015
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