First solar powered desalination plant in the works

California Water Shortage and Sea Water

HydroRevolution, a subsidiary of WaterFX, will be building a $30 million dollar desalination plant in the Central Valley. The operation will run solely on solar energy and is a partnership in conjunction with the Panoche Water and Drainage District in Firebaugh. WaterFX is building the project on 35 acres of …

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New infrastructure a possibility due to drought

California Water is a Rare Commodity

With the California drought at its worst, lawmakers are beginning to examine how to solve the water crisis. Instead of looking at traditional ways of conserving water, members of the Bureau of Reclamation are reexamining water projects and infrastructure that could help soften the drought’s blow. The reexamination comes after …

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Potential reservoir expansion coming to Contra Costa

New Reservoire Coming to California

The Contra Costa Water District, in partnership with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, is looking to further expand the Los Vaqueros Reservoir in Contra Costa County. The expansion would increase the reservoir’s current capacity of 160,000 acre-feet to 275,000 acre-feet. The expansion is said to have been a part of …

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Hollywood Hills water main break

Water Main Break in Hollywood California

An 8-inch, cast-iron water main that was built in 1926 broke early Monday morning. The report was received around 3 a.m. The break caused flooding at the intersection of Odin Street and North Cahuenga Boulevard. Eventually, the flooding led to the buckling of the street. Water for nearly 80 homes …

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