States sue Obama administration over Clean Water Act

Clean Water Bill Gets Vote

Three states – Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi – are suing the Obama Administration to stop the implementation of one key part of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Water Act. These three states are challenging the EPA’s ability to regulate water pollution, which would expand the federal government’s scope of …

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Will taxing organic produce solve the drought?

Organic Food Tax Could Hurt Drought

Now that California is in its fourth year of extreme drought and Governor Jerry Brown has mandated a 25 percent reduction in water use throughout the state, some experts are proposing some possible alternatives to imposing water use restrictions on homeowners. One such alternative is the taxation of organic products …

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The battle for control of America’s water

California Water is a Rare Commodity

Water legislation continues to be a hot button issue nationwide, with President Barack Obama announcing in May 2015 a far-flung clean water regulation – one that would, unless it is blocked by Congress, restore the federal government’s authority to limit pollution in natural bodies of water in all 50 states. …

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California drought laws unveiled

California Water Water Restrictions Tighten

The California State Water Resources Control Board unveiled new regulations last week that will guide California through its exceptional drought. The new California drought laws will go into effect immediately. The laws dictate how much potable (drinkable) water cities need to cut from their usage. “This is the drought of …

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Assembly bills for water storage voted down

California Water Bill Does Not Pass

California Assembly Democrats shot down legislation that would have allowed for the construction of water storage sites in California, which is facing a massive water crisis. Assembly bills 397, 956 and 311 were all Republican bills that were killed in party-line votes. AB 397 would have stopped the sale of …

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