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Bottle water targeted by drought activists

Bottled Water Companies in California Questioned

Companies who bottle water are now being targeted due to the drought in California. Over 111 companies, including Nestle, Walmart and Cocoa Cola, bottle their water in California. When Governor Jerry Brown implemented the state’s first-ever mandatory water-use cuts in urban areas, the agricultural sector and industry were largely exempt …

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California Democrats battle over drought policy

California Water Legislation Coming Soon

The water shortage in California is nothing shy of a crisis. An even bigger problem is the Democratic leadership in Sacramento and Washington. While everyone agrees the state’s lack of water is a problem, politicians disagree on how to address the crisis. So far, Senator Diane Feinstein has been seen …

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The California drought brings meters to Northern California

California Water Meters as Result of Drought

In Northern California, residents of Morada, a small town outside of Stockton, are fighting against the use of water meters. Although a state law was passed in 2004 that required every water district in the state to install meters, districts have until 2025 to implement the change. In Morada, water …

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