DWR to use airborne technology to map state’s groundwater basins

California’s Department of Water Resources (DWR) will soon be able to map the state’s groundwater basins from the air. Using airborne electromagnetic (AEM) surveys, DWR will gather information about the state’s groundwater aquifer structure to better understand groundwater resources and support future drought response. “The data collected during these surveys …

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Sacramento-Area Leaders Urge Public to Conserve Water

As drought conditions in California continue to get worse, Sacramento-area leaders are urging the public to increase their conservation efforts. According to the Regional Water Authority RWA), Sacramento is experiencing the most severe drought of the century. 2021 started with a near-normal snowpack that instead of flowing into lakes and reservoirs, …

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Nevada Irrigation District enacts mandatory water restrictions

As a dry, hot summer is upon us and drought grips our community, the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) has found it necessary to mandate water-use restrictions. This will help minimize water supply shortage impacts and protect public health, the District’s Board of Directors determined during a July 1 special meeting. …

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