State extends emergency regulation that bans wasteful water use

Last week the State Water Resources Control Board readopted an emergency regulation that prohibits wasteful water practices like watering lawns when it rains. The regulation, originally adopted in January 2022, will now be extended twelve months until January 2024. It applies to all water users including individuals, businesses and public …

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Central Valley Project contractors must prepare for 4th dry year

Central Valley Project starts 2022 water year with low storage

The Bureau of Reclamation is asking Central Valley Project contractors to begin planning for potentially extremely limited water supply in 2023, warning of possible “conservation actions” as drought conditions continue despite early rains. The Central Valley Project began the 2023 water year on October 1 with water storage reservoirs near …

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Yuba extends water transfer agreement with bay area agencies

An agreement to transfer water to Contra Costa Water District and East Bay Municipal Utility District was extended Tuesday by Yuba Water Agency’s Board of Directors. The extension would allow Yuba to potentially sell up to 10,000 acre-feet of water or more, if conditions are right, during the spring and …

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