Incentive program rewards water retailers for conservation

Incentive program rewards water retailers for conservation

In an effort to maximize water conservation while preserving each retail water agencies’ flexibility to implement their programs, San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District created a Demand Management Incentive Program that provides a financial incentive for water saved compared to a 2020 baseline year.

Under the program approved by San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District’s Board of Directors each agency in the service area can receive a $179 rebate for each acre-foot of water saved. A regional goal of 5,000 acre-feet saved was set for the first year.

In the program’s first year, six local retail water agencies participated, saving more than 7,500 acre-feet of water. The total amount saved and their incentives received are:

  • City of Colton: 2,208 acre-feet, $173,173.37
  • City of San Bernardino: 1,911 acre-feet, $267,360.07
  • City of Redlands: 1,183 acre-feet, $164,935.49
  • City of Rialto: 759 acre-feet, $80,499.69
  • West Valley Water District: 1,176 acre-feet, $149,066.09
  • Yucaipa Valley Water District: 335 acre-feet, $59,939.94

“Every drop of water that we keep in the ground now is saved for a future dry year when other supplies are not available,” said Heather Dyer, CEO/General Manager at San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District. “As the regional water agency entrusted to protect our local groundwater levels and ensure water retailers have enough supplies to serve their respective communities, the Demand Management Incentive Program is a key pillar of our region’s long-term water sustainability plan.”

Given the success of the program, the San Bernardino Valley Board has tripled the goal from 5,000 to 15,000 acre-feet this year.  San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District is encouraging all retail water agencies within its service area to participate in the Demand Management Incentive Program.

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