Agencies partner to provide water conservation kits locally

Yuba Water Agency is teaming up with several local public water providers to offer water conservation kits to Yuba County residents as part of a local Water Conservation Pilot Program.

Yuba Water is providing up to $50,000 to develop 1,500 conservation kits and is partnering with Olivehurst Public Utility District, Linda County Water District, Wheatland Water District and North Yuba Water District to distribute them to their residential customers. The goal of the kits is to decrease water use and, ideally, water bills for Yuba County residents.

The kits are expected to be ready by late spring and will include practical items like a rain sprinkler gauge, kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators, a water-saving garden hose nozzle, shower heads and more. Additionally, they will include a link to a website with other water conservation tips for things like detecting and addressing common household leaks.

Although Yuba Water is not a residential water supplier – the agency provides wholesale water to eight local irrigation districts – its core missions include ensuring a sustainable and reliable water supply for Yuba County.

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