IEUA Launches New Digital Education Program

Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA) has announced the launch of a new digital education program geared toward educating kids and the entire family about sustaining our natural resources.

Wally’s Water Conservation Camp is a 20 day, at-home digital program booklet that will teach kids of all ages and families about water resources, sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The booklet features activities that promote creativity and healthy lifestyle as well as popular lessons from the IEUA’s Water Discovery Field Trip Program. Camp-goers are encouraged to share photos of their “campsites” and activity re-creations via social media by sending a message to IEUA’s Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram accounts @ieuawater.

“We are excited to have developed this innovative program for students and families to learn about water awareness and the importance of sustaining our planet’s natural resources,” stated IEUA General Manager Shivaji Deshmukh. “Being able to teach these lessons through a virtual platform, while reducing screen time and encouraging movement, outdoor exploration and hands-on activities, is especially important during this time, and Wally’s Water Conservation Camp is a great resource to continue educating our future generations.”

Wally’s Water Conservation Camp booklet is available for download at

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