New rebates for water conservation projects in LA

New rebates for water conservation projects in LA

Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) announced this week they are increasing a financial incentive program that helps multifamily, commercial, and industrial building customers to conserve water.

“At a time of historic drought, we all have a role to play in conserving water,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “Through this increased rebate, building owners have an opportunity to not just save money, but help our city save millions of gallons of water every year.”

The Technical Assistance Program (TAP) now offers a $2 million incentive for projects to install cooling towers, recirculation systems, and other large water system technologies. In addition to the increased rebate, LADWP has launched a free cooling tower assessment program to help building owners determine their needs and opportunities when it comes to water conservation.

“Thanks to companies like R.W. Zant, Los Angeles can truly claim its place as a leader in water conservation,” said Susana Reyes, Vice President of the Board of Water and Power Commissioners. “Los Angeles uses less water today than it did 50 years ago, despite a population increase of over 1 million people. We want to recognize what LADWP customers have already accomplished in terms of water conservation and energy efficiency and to also encourage more residents and commercial customers alike to continue taking advantage of incentive programs LADWP has to offer.”

Since launching TAP in 1992, LADWP has provided $10 million in rebates for over 1,000 projects, helping to save over 1.8 billion gallons of water annually. The average cooling tower project saves 1 million gallons of water, and about $12,000, per year.

For more information on water conservation rebates, visit LADWP Rebates and Programs.

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