Reclamation launches new prize competition

The Bureau of Reclamation announced last week the launch of a new prize competition. The Water America’s Crops Challenge seeks to improve water delivery efficiency and minimize canal failures for America’s agriculture by reducing water seeping from a canal into the ground.

“We want to deliver water to farmers as efficiently as possible, supporting the use of water for the production of the food needed in the United States,” said Reclamation Chief Engineer David Raff. “At the same time, we can limit canal failures, which can result from water seeping through walls and bases.”

The challenge will take place through two phases over 24 months. In the first phase, participants will submit technical proposals with expected performance, durability, maintenance, installation and cost for their solutions.

The finalists selected will then develop a laboratory-scale version of their proposal for testing at Reclamation laboratories. Each finalist will receive $50,000, and the winner of the prize competition will receive $90,000.

Proposals are due on June 24, 2021. To learn more about this competition, please visit

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