AWA joins growing list of agencies declaring water alerts

Rowland Water District boasts water savings over summer months

Rowland Water District (RWD) customers reduced their total water consumption month over month across June, July and August 2023 according to a statement on the District’s website.

The District reported June water usage dropped 9.49 percent compared to the same time last year; July water use fell by 5.97 percent and usage dropped by 2.07 percent in August.

“We are proud of the community for making a commitment to cut back on water use,” said General Manager Tom Coleman. “RWD programs like ‘What’s Your Water Footprint?’ have made water-wise decisions accessible and easy to implement in our daily lives. It’s clear our customers have made conservation a way of life and we are thankful for their support in ensuring long-term water sustainability for the region.”

The District also saw a 17.24 percent uptick in recycled water usage in August compared to the prior year, signaling less reliance on costly potable water and success in a District-wide conservation effort.

By increasing the use of recycled water, consumers decrease their dependence on imported water supplies from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. RWD’s innovative recycled water system supports irrigation, construction, cooling towers and industrial processes.

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