SoCalGas Partners with West Basin Water to offer conservation upgrades

SoCalGas Partners with West Basin Water to offer conservation upgrades

Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) has partnered with West Basin Municipal Water District to offer $150,000 in water conservation and energy efficiency upgrades for 100 income eligible families. The first-time project will provide upgrades to 100 homes within priority communities in Los Angeles County beginning this summer. As part of the Community Language Efficiency Outreach (CLEO) initiative, income-eligible customers in SoCalGas and West Basin’s service territories can receive household upgrades including high efficiency toilets that limit the amount of water per flush, weather-based irrigation controller and smart hose bibs to help achieve water-efficient irrigation scheduling, low-flow kitchen and bath faucet aerators that reduce water flow without compromising performance, and low-pressure showerheads to help maximize water conservation.

“Nearly 10 million Los Angeles County residents are affected daily by worsening drought conditions, and
we are combating record dry periods throughout California. We are pleased to see our local utilities,
SoCalGas and West Basin Municipal Water District, step up to launch initiatives to help our residents
with conservation efforts,” said Inglewood City Councilman Alex Padilla. “We are serious about water
and energy conservation efforts and hope to make a difference within our communities.”

Customers can qualify for this initiative if they are a SoCalGas customer and reside in a priority
neighborhood within the West Basin service area that is unequally affected by environmental pollution. For more information visit

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