Cal Water Begins Delivering Recycled Water for Tesoro Viejo Master Mutual Water Company

Sterling Natural Resource Center goes online

The Sterling Natural Resource Center (SNRC) came online last week, recycling its ‘first drop of water’ at the brand new facility in Highland, Calif.

East Valley Water District made the announcement that operations have begun at the state-of-the-art reclamation facility that will recycle up to 8 million gallons of wastewater per day.

The SNRC broke ground in October 2018, paving the pathway to a water resilient future by creating a new, sustainable source of water for the community. The new treatment plant, community center, recharge basins and pipelines were fast-tracked using a design-build delivery method.

“While small in size, the first water drop presents a big milestone for our community and region,” said Michael Moore, General Manager/CEO. “Years of planning, design, construction, and testing come to fruition with this water drop. East Valley Water District is now ready to recycle wastewater and create a sustainable future for generations to come.”

A ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for May 3 to commemorate the plants commencing operation.

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