Recycled Water
Recycled Water

West Basin expands recycled water use at Torrance Commerce Center

West Basin Municipal Water District (West Basin) announced the completion of a
new recycled water project at the Torrance Commerce Center (Center) earlier this week.

The Center, which is located on the former Toyota North American Headquarters property, will use recycled water to irrigate the landscape surrounding three new buildings. The project is estimated to save approximately 1 million gallons of drinking water per year.

“The new recycled water connection saves drinking water, increases environmental sustainability, and maintains green spaces in Torrance and the South Bay community at large,” said West Basin Board President Gloria D. Gray.

Patrick Russell, Senior Vice President, Development from the Sares Regis Group, noted, “Our organization invested in a recycled water distribution pipeline to create value and build a sustainable environment that uses water more efficiently. West Basin has been a great partner in achieving these goals.”

The Torrance Commerce Center is the 56th site in the city to be connected with recycled water, continuing the beneficial practice of increasing local water supply reliability by using a drought-proof supply.

Additional plans are currently underway to expand recycled water to six other sites at Torrance parks, schools and medians.

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