State fast-tracks groundwater recharge project to capture flood waters

Western Municipal invests in groundwater banking

Western Municipal Water District is capitalizing on the recent wet weather Southern California has been having by making a substantial investment in its groundwater banking program, taking a major step to enhance its water supply for its customers.

“A water bank functions much like a personal savings account but for water. It allows us to stockpile surplus water underground, ready for withdrawal in times of need,” said Board President Mike Gardner. “During wetter seasons, we can recharge groundwater basins, effectively ‘depositing’ water. This stored water can be withdrawn during dry periods.”

Last year, Western Municipal banked more than 5,000 acre-feet of water. “Our evolving climate scenarios demand a proactive and adaptive approach to water management,” said General Manager Craig Miller. “Groundwater banking is a sustainable, environmentally friendly approach to saving wet year surplus water supplies and better prepare for periods of lower rainfall and snowpack.”

Western Municipal is also a regional leader for broader initiatives, such as the CA Water for All (Senate Bill 366 (Caballero) sponsored by the California Municipal Utilities Association). This statewide initiative emphasizes the importance of a collaborative, comprehensive approach to tackling California’s water challenges.

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