Westlands surpasses 125,000 acre feet of groundwater storage

Westlands surpasses 125,000 acre feet of groundwater storage

Westlands Water District announced last week it had recharged more than 125,000 acre feet of groundwater since March of this year. The total recharge of 127,000 acre feet puts the district over the halfway mark in reaching their goal of recharging 200,000 acre feel of groundwater by March 1 of next year.

“This tremendous progress reflects the District’s earnest commitment to building a sustainable water future for the District’s family farms,” said Westlands Water District’s Board President, Jeff Fortune. “The District is committed to utilizing and making the most of the abundance of water we received this past winter to plan for future dry years. The District’s recharge projects will provide a lifeline to hundreds of family-owned farms during periods of prolonged drought.”

Westlands credits their achievement to not only investments in new district projects, but also their work with landowners to invest in on-farm recharge projects. This enables the District to take advantage when additional water supply is available to improve groundwater levels.

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