Partnership will develop clean energy microgrids in Mojave Desert

Yucaipa Valley Water District breaks ground on clean energy project

Last week the Yucaipa Valley Water District (YVWD) broke ground on its resiliency and clean energy water and wastewater project. The project includes the installation of 7 megawatts (MW) of solar power, a 3.3 MW/13 megawatt hour energy storage system, and 3.2 MW of natural gas generators coupled with microgrid controllers.

“This project marks a significant step forward in YVWD’s commitment to sustainability and energy resilience, ensuring reliable and efficient water services for the community,” said Joseph Zoba, General Manager from YVWD. “With the increase in power outages and PSPS across California, communities are facing enormous pressure to adapt and find new ways to ensure that critical operations are not impacted by grid outages. This project will enable YVWD to provide much-needed resiliency and reliability during power outages, ensuring our community remains safe and operational.”

The program is designed to advance clean energy adoption and the energy efficiency of water management at two key locations: the Yucaipa Valley Regional Water Filtration Facility and the Wochholz Regional Water Recycling Facility. The project is designed to meet the District’s long-term resiliency goals and ensure safe, reliable power to key facilities during public safety power shutoff (PSPS) events.

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