Californian Water Restrictions and Lawn Browning
Californian Water Restrictions and Lawn Browning

Californians change attitude towards lawns

As the California drought continues to rear its head, homeowners are beginning to look for more out-of-the-box methods of conserving water. Homeowners are discovering companies, like Greywater Corps, that take drainage water from showers and washing machines and use that to water their existing lawns. The idea of installing these systems has given homeowners more hope for their landscaping desires.

On the other hand, homeowners are being enticed to rip out their lawns as a means of combating the California drought. In 2014, Los Angeles offered a rebate of $3.75 a square foot for lawns that were replaced with drought-tolerant landscaping. The trend is continuing across the state.

With Governor Jerry Brown’s required cutbacks, many are beginning to feel the pressure to rip out their lawn. Instead of completely losing their landscape, many are seeking plants that require little to no water. That’s where drought-tolerant landscaper Gayle Butensky comes in.

“It doesn’t have to look like a desert. It doesn’t have to look like rocks. It can look like a nice garden,” Butesnky told NPR.

Although there has always been a niche market for drought-resistant plants, companies like Butensky’s are beginning to see an increase in demand. The California drought has widened Butensky’s base, with the average homeowner seeking her services.

“When we first started it wasn’t mainstream, but now it is,” she tells NPR.

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