March snow survey has officials predicting third consecutive dry year
Snow melts into a creek that flows into the South Fork American River, near the site of the California Department of Water Resources snow survey at Phillips Station. Ken James / California Department of Water Resources

Nevada Irrigation’s snow survey shows ‘robust’ snowpack, much like the state

Recent rounds of heavy snow continue to bolster the snowpack on Nevada Irrigation District’s (NID) snow courses that provide water to customers.

The district conducted a snow survey on March 2 and 3. However, the district reported that the harsh winter weather and access restrictions prevented NID hydrographers from taking measurements at three of the five high-elevation courses.

NID reported 152.8 inches of snow with a water content of 60.8 inches on the English Mountain snow course (7,100 feet) and Findley Peak’s (6,500 feet) snowpack was 129.9 inches and a 46.5-inch water content.

“Late February storms have continued to add to an increasingly robust snowpack,” said NID’s Water Resources Superintendent Thor Larsen. “In fact, the amount of water content at the courses measure was in the top five for all March snow surveys.”

In addition, NID is reporting above average reservoir levels.

NID conducts three official snow surveys each year in February, March and April. Results of the surveys are used to predict water availability locally and statewide.

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