Cal Water files for Stage 2 Water Shortage with CPUC

Rancho Water moves to Stage 3B of Water Supply Contingency Plan

The recent adoption of Drought Conservation Emergency Regulations by the State Water Resources Control Board has caused the Rancho California Water District (RCWD) Board of Directors to vote to move to Stage 3b of their Water Supply Contingency Plan (Plan).

According to RCWD, a Stage 3b drought will be triggered if demand will exceed supply by 10 percent

RCWD General Manager Robert Grantham stated, “Rancho Water’s drought plan aligns with the State’s new regulations. However, most of our customers have been voluntarily following many of these water conservation practices for years. Over the past two decades, our customers have embraced water use efficiency, reducing our total water usage by more than 40 percent.”

The District provides leak alerts that notify a customer when there has been non-stop water usage over a period of at least 24 hours. Also available is the MyWaterTracker service, an easy to use, digital platform that enables customers to visually see and track their water use on a day-by-day basis. In addition, the District partners with multiple agencies to provide rebates and landscape programs that can save water and money.

Rancho Water continues to ask customers to save water.

To find more information about Stage 3b of Rancho Water’s drought plan, water budgets, and drought news,

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