Cheng named board president for State Water Contractors

Cheng named board president for State Water Contractors

Assistant General Manager Robert Cheng of Coachella Valley Water District has been appointed President of the State Water Contractors (SWC) Board of Directors.

SWC advocates sensible, science-based policies related to the State Water Project that result in sustainable and cost-effective management of the SWP for California’s residents, economy and environment.

“I appreciate the continued support from my fellow Board members to help lead this organization in the next year,” said Cheng said in a statement. “The last 12 months have tested the resilience of the State Water Project more so than other times in recent memory.  2022 brought 5% Table A allocation that required Human Health and Safety deliveries to some agencies. That was followed in 2023 with historically wet hydrology resulting in the first 100% Table A allocation in 17 years, and flood conditions in certain portions of the service area.

“Throughout the changing conditions, the talented SWC staff has been invaluable as a resource and trusted interface between the Contractors and the Department of Water Resources.  This relationship between the organizations allows us to ensure that this incredibly important asset stands ready to deliver water reliably to the residents of California.”

Cheng has been on the SWC Board since 2018 and the Assistant General Manager of Coachella Valley Water District since 2013.

State Water Contractors Board of Officers 2023-2024 

  • President – Robert Cheng (Coachella Valley Water District)
  • Vice President – Laura Hidas (Alameda County Water District)
  • Secretary-Treasurer – Jacob Westra (Tulare Lake Basin Water Storage District)

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