DuPont to pay $1.185 billion to settle PFAs suit

Chemours, DuPont and Corteva have agreed to pay more than $1 billion to settle claims that allege they sold PFAS-containing products when the companies knew that PFAS compounds would contaminate the environment and have the potential to cause cancers.

Chemours will contribute 50 percent (about $592 million), and DuPont and Corteva will together contribute the remaining 50 percent, at about $400 million and $193 million, respectively.

“This is an impressive step toward righting a corporate wrong that threatened the health of all Americans,” said Scott Summy, an attorney for the plaintiffs with the law firm Baron & Budd.

The $1.185 billion settlement will pay public water systems that have already detected PFAS in their water, will pay the costs of testing for those that have not yet tested, and will provide funds to those that find PFAS as a result of the testing.

This settlement does not affect water providers’ claims against other defendants. All cases will continue against the non-settling manufacturers, including 3M Company, Tyco Fire Products and Chemguard, Inc.

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