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Eastern receives funding for desalination program

Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) recently announced they have received a multi-million dollar funding commitment from the United States Army Corps of Engineers (Army Corps) to construct infrastructure to support EMWD’s groundwater desalination program.

The Army Corps Fiscal Year 2023 workplan included $4.5 million for Phase 2 of the Valley Boulevard and Murrieta Road pipeline project in Menifee. The pipeline will deliver untreated water to EMWD’s desalination facility.

“EMWD appreciates the continued support and partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers, which has been a longstanding and valued partner in the success of our desalination program,” EMWD Board President Phil Paule said. “We also wish to thank our Congressional Delegation, whose emphatic support was incredibly valuable in helping to advance this funding request.”

EMWD’s desalination program provides enough water for more than 30,000 households annually while helping to remove more than 50,000 tons of salts from the groundwater basin each year.

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