Water Main Break in Hollywood California
Water Main Break in Hollywood California

Hollywood Hills water main break

An 8-inch, cast-iron water main that was built in 1926 broke early Monday morning. The report was received around 3 a.m. The break caused flooding at the intersection of Odin Street and North Cahuenga Boulevard. Eventually, the flooding led to the buckling of the street.

Water for nearly 80 homes was turned off to allow repairs to begin. Water isn’t expected to come back on until sometime Monday afternoon.

“It looks a lot worse than what it really is,” Kirk Broyard of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, told NBC 4. “You see mud and water flowing down the street, and it always look like it’s some catastrophic event. It’s a typical main break. It all depends on the soil where you are.”

At this time, there are no reports of how much water was lost due to the incident.

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