New sodium hypochlorite disinfection facility opens in Stockton

New sodium hypochlorite disinfection facility opens in Stockton

Stockton East Water District (SEWD) recently completed construction of a new sodium hypochlorite disinfection facility at the Dr. Joe Waidhofer Water Treatment Plant. SEWD held a ribbon cutting ceremony September 5 to mark the occasion.

The new facility allows SEWD to disinfect treated drinking water with high strength bleach. According to the district, this is a safer alternative to the gaseous chlorine that has been used for more than 45 years.

The concept, design, and construction of the facility came about from a disinfection alternatives analysis conducted by the district.

“We needed to identify a suitable replacement to the 1977 gaseous chlorine system, which although effective, has supply challenges, is inherently dangerous, and is increasingly regulated. We are part of the community, so we need to make sure our operation is safe for the employees, customers, and environment.” states the SEWD Board of Directors.

Once online, the $6.6 million facility will provide all the disinfection required for the water treatment plant’s 65 million-gallons-per-day (MGD) rated capacity.

SEWD constructed the Dr. Joe Waidhofer Water Treatment Plant in 1976 and made the first delivery of treated drinking water to the City of Stockton in 1977. To date, SEWD has produced over one and a half million acre-feet of water for urban use; enough to cover the City of Stockton’s 65 square mile area over 37-feet deep in water. For more information about SEWD, please visit the District website at

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