Contracts approved to build College Lake Project

Sonoma County Water approves contract for tank maintenance

Sonoma County Water Agency (Sonoma Water) has approved a $6 million contract with AMP United LLC for recoating two major water storage tanks, Cotati Tank No. 1 and Kastania Tank.

The tank recoating is part of Sonoma Water’s Tank Maintenance Program. “This project is the largest of its kind and is aimed at ensuring the long-term sustainability of our water storage and transmission infrastructure. By recoating these tanks, we can ensure their continued functionality and reliability for years to come,” said David Rabbitt, Sonoma Water Director.

The age of coatings on Cotati No. 1 tank and Kastania tank are 25 and 38 years respectively. Based on recent dive inspections, condition assessments, and staff observations, the coating systems on both tanks have exceeded their useful life and require removal and replacement.

Under the terms of the contract, AMP United will remove and replace protective coatings, install  health and safety improvements, and cathodic protection systems to maintain the functional lifespan of the tanks.

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