Coalition Urges Policymakers to Address Water Supply Challenges

Coalition Urges Policymakers to Address Water Supply Challenges

A newly established education effort, CA Water for All, formed by the California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA) is urging California lawmakers to act on a legislative solution to address the water supply threat that continues to loom over the Golden State.

“The impacts of the failure to act now are far too consequential to ignore. We have a generational responsibility to fulfill by developing a water system that will adapt to changes in the environment and allow the State to thrive now and for future generations,” said Barry Moline, Executive Director, CMUA.

CMUA is sponsoring Senate Bill 366 by Senator Anna Caballero (D-Merced). This monumental piece of legislation would transform California water management so that instead of managing for scarcity, the State will work toward water supply targets to ensure we have enough water for all beneficial uses. SB 366 would:

  • Establish bold, necessary water supply targets to capture and produce enough water for all uses
  • Modernize the California Water Plan for a 21st century climate
  • Ensure accountability for state agencies on water management issues
  • Compliment and amplify Governor Newsom’s Water Supply Strategy, ensuring there are water supply targets that extend beyond any single Administration

“Targets create accountability and generate a commitment from the State, the water community, and all stakeholders to follow through on comprehensive solutions that can make meaningful and necessary change,” said Craig Miller, General Manager, Western Water. “Targets and goals have long been successful in California on some of our highest priority issues including housing, climate, education, energy, workforce development, transportation, and public safety. The time is past due to create targets for our most precious and vulnerable resource – SB 366 does just this.”

To learn more about SB 366, click here.

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