Moulton Niguel celebrates 500 million gallons of water saved through turf replacement program

By on December 9, 2017
Water District Runs Out of Turf Removal Money

Moulton Niguel Water District (MNWD) is celebrating the success of the turf removal program they launched in 2011 and the success is clearly evident in the numbers:

  • 500 million gallons of water have been saved through this program to date
  • 2,551 customers — including homes, businesses and recreational facilities — have participated in the program
  • Customers have replaced more than five million square feet of turf, an area larger than Vatican City
  • 5 million gallons of water is now being conserved annually in the MNWD, equivalent to 346 Olympic-sized swimming pools

The Moulton Niguel turf replacement program has been deemed one of the most successful programs in the California accounting for 25 percent of all turf removal in Orange County. The water district received support from both the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and Municipal Water District of Orange County in initiating the program. MNWD provided rebates to customers who opted to replace grass with drought-tolerant plants and landscaping as an incentive for customer participation.

“Our customers deserve credit,” said Donald Froelich, president of the Moulton Niguel Water District Board of Directors. “With the water saved from their conservation efforts, you could serve up an 8-ounce glass of refreshing Moulton Niguel water to roughly half the people on earth – every year.”

MNWD estimates that approximately 70 percent of all water use is from outdoor irrigation. Their message to their customers was that converting your lawn to a water-efficient landscape helps reduce your water use. The district had estimated that replacing a single square foot of turf saved up to 45.7 gallons of water per year.

“Six years ago we followed the easy steps of the Moulton Niguel Turf Removal Program and received a rebate to help fund our new water wise landscape design,” said Moulton Niguel customer Jo Anne Simon, an early adopter of the turf removal program. “It was a win-win experience.”

Water district customers are not only pleased with the water they’re saving, they’re also excited with the money they save each month.

“It’s a great program that helps the environment, adds beauty and value to my home, and reduces my water bill every month,” said Moulton Niguel customer Doug Freck, who participated in the program.

Moulton Niguel is also launching a NatureScape Program which simplifies turf replacement projects by connecting customers with a local nursery to streamline the landscape design and installation process.

“We’re looking forward to expanding our (conservation) efforts and programs,” added President Froelich. “Moulton Niguel is committed to finding new, cost-effective ways to help our customers conserve water and save money.”