MVWD customers recognized for reducing water use by 40 percent

Monte Vista Water District (MVWD) in Montclair is praising the outstanding efforts by their customers in reducing water usage over the past decade.

The Water Conservation Act of 2009, also known as SB X7-7 (Steinberg), established a target of 20% urban water use reduction by 2020. According to MVWD, customers not only met that target, but exceeded it by an additional 20%.

SB X7-7 also requires municipalities to compare current water use with historical averages in their Urban Water Management Plans. MVWD’s 2020 plan showed in the late 1990s and early 2000s, customers were using an estimated 209 gallons per person per day with a target of reducing usage per person to 167 gallons a day by 2020. The District says customers managed to crush that target and reduced their daily water use to 124 gallons in 2020.

“As we face another drought, it’s wonderful to know our residents and businesses are committed to saving water,” said Board President Sandra Rose. “The District provides tools and resources, but our customers are the ones answering the call to conserve, and I’m amazed at their achievement!”

MVWD implemented a “Watch the Water” campaign to educate customers about their water use and encourage efficiency and established budget-based tiered water rates for single-family residential customers.

“With budget-based rates, our customers can see on each bill whether they’re using water efficiently,” said General Manager Justin Scott-Coe. “For more than a decade, this rate structure has helped our customers save water while meeting the financial needs of the District.”

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