Reclamation selects three California projects to receive Water Use Efficiency grants

The Bureau of Reclamation has announced the selection of three California projects to receive $1.3 million total in CALFED Water Use Efficiency grants near the cities of Pittsburg, Shafter and Biggs. Combined with local cost-share contributions, these projects are expected to implement about $2.8 million in water management improvements during the next two years.

The projects will conserve an estimated 2,548 acre-feet per year of water and better manage 10,000 acre-feet, contributing to the CALFED Bay-Delta Program objectives of improving ecosystem health, water supply reliability and water quality. An acre foot is the amount of water that covers an acre one-foot deep, about the size of a football field.

“We are pleased to partner with Delta Diablo, Shafter Wasco Irrigation District and Sutter Extension Water District to help modernize their water systems,” said Regional Director Ernest Conant. “These mutually beneficial water management improvements will not only make water more reliable for their customers but also provide benefits to the Bay-Delta system.”

Reclamation made the selection through a competitive process, giving priority consideration to projects that address CALFED goals on a statewide basis. The three selected applicants and projects include:

Delta Diablo, $364,387
Delta Diablo will upgrade their Recycled Water Facility near Pittsburg in Contra Costa County by upgrading a sand-backwash filter to a controlled-backwash filtration system. By changing from a continuous to intermittent filtration process, this 20-year project will make water deliveries more efficient. Annual water savings to California’s Bay-Delta is estimated at 1,075 acre-feet. The total project cost is $728,776 with a federal cost share of $364,387.

Shafter Wasco Irrigation District, $500,000
Located near Shafter in Kern County, the Pipeline Improvement for Bell Recharge project will improve an existing pump station and install one mile of 21-inch PVC pipeline from the Central Valley Project Friant Kern Canal to the Bell Recharge facilities. This 50-year project’s new connection will improve water conveyance for irrigation demand and recharge capacity. Annual water savings to California’s Bay-Delta is estimated at 428 acre-feet. The total project cost is $1,115,229 with a federal cost share of $500,000.

Sutter Extension Water District, $422,700
The Looney Weir Modernization Project is located in Butte County, near Biggs, along the Feather River. This 30-year project will better manage over 10,000 acre-feet of water annually by installing a new Langemann gate to increase conveyance capacity and reduce spillage. This new gate will allow for constant upstream water level control and will allow for more flexible regulation of release of deliveries. All water better managed by this project will benefit California’s Bay-Delta. The total project cost is $960,800 with a federal cost share of $422,700.

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