Inland Empire Utilities Agency Debuts The Water Pirates of Neverland: Run Aground! for Children

By on February 4, 2019
Inland Empire Utilities Agency

Southern California’s Inland Empire Utilities Agency (IEUA), in partnership with The National Theatre for Children (NTC), will visit 50 local elementary schools with live performances of The Water Pirates of Neverland: Run Aground! from Feb. 4 to 13. Performances by the professional actors from NTC will aid in sparking conversations on water conservation in classrooms throughout IEUA’s service area while IEUA and its partnering retail agencies sponsor every aspect of the program.

The program will focus on the uses of water, the importance of water, how to conserve water, and ways in which water gets polluted. In addition to live performances, the program includes student playbooks (print and online versions), teacher guides, e-books, and digital games and activities that align with the important concepts outlined in the live shows. IEUA and its partnering agencies make the performances and materials a cost-free supplement to lessons in science, literacy and the arts.

The live program revolves around famed pirate, Captain Doorknob, whose ship has run aground on a desert island. With the help of student volunteers – as well as colorful characters like PJ the Penguin and Toni the Flipper, a dolphin angry about water pollution – Captain Doorknob learns about water conservation and sets out to get his ship back on the high seas.

“Live theatre is a great way to educate,” says NTC President and Founder Ward Eames. “The show goes beyond reading or other more passive methods of engaging kids. These children are watching a story unfold right before their very eyes, with the two actors playing all sorts of characters. We don’t lose the kids’ attention for a minute, because they get to respond and interact with the show. It really sticks with them.”

IEUA provides a number of educational programs for children of all ages. Their award-winning educational programs are provided free for schools and are customizable to accommodate specific messages and goals. Formats including live performance, in class discussion, graphic novels, print curriculum, and digital games and activities covering topics such as water and environmental stewardship, energy conservation, safety, financial literacy, STEM program, and health and social responsibility to engage and empower students.

“Educating students on water related topics is essential,” said IEUA Board President Paul Hofer. “By educating them in a fun, exciting way, we are encouraging students to be enthusiastic about the learning process while inspiring them to take action in becoming environmental stewards.”