Reclamation launches new prize competition

The Bureau of Reclamation announced last week the launch of a new prize competition. The Water America’s Crops Challenge seeks to improve water delivery efficiency and minimize canal failures for America’s agriculture by reducing water seeping from a canal into the ground. “We want to deliver water to farmers as efficiently …

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Department of Conservation Awards $1.5M in Grants to Support State’s Groundwater Management Plan

California American Water Offers Inclusion and Diversity Grants

Last week the California Department of Conservation, (DOC) announced the award of five watershed coordinator grants of nearly $1.5 million to organizations throughout the state within medium- and high-priority groundwater basins. A watershed coordinator is a position that the state funds for a local government or non-profit to work with local stakeholders …

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Phase Two of West Basin’s Change and Save Program Begins

West Basin Municipal Water District (West Basin) announced the launch of phase two of its Change & Save program, a conservation and rebate program designed to reduce residential water and energy use, helping to lower utility bills for qualified residents. For a limited time, West Basin is offering additional free …

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Reclamation awards $536,509 for Trinity River watershed improvement projects

Last week the Bureau of Reclamation announced the selection of five grant recipients for watershed improvement projects as part of the Trinity River Restoration Program. The projects will help reduce fine sediment runoff into the Trinity River and improve fish habitat and passage in Trinity River tributaries. “Reclamation is pleased …

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Construction Begins on Key Salton Sea Habitat and Air Quality Project

In an effort to improve conditions at the Salton Sea, construction to create habitat and reduce exposed lakebed around the Sea began this week. The Species Conservation Habitat (SCH) project, located at the southern end of the Sea on both sides of the New River, will create a network of …

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