Homeowners now painting lawns green

Water District Runs Out of Turf Removal Money

The California drought has left many homeowners missing their lush, green lawn. Instead of ripping out their natural grass and replacing it with artificial turf, a new solution has arisen: painting lawns green. “I needed to get people to try and look at it [lawn painting] again to sell it …

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Unincorporated Riverside County sees new water regulations

California Water Conservation Efforts

Earlier this week, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed new landscape regulations in response to the California drought. The Board of Supervisors’ regulations prohibit new subdivision in unincorporated areas from having turf lawns. Lots must have drought-friendly landscaping and plants. The regulations also restricts the amount of recycled …

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Workers dislocated by drought receive temporary work

California Drought Displaces Workers

Last Friday, the United States Department of Labor approved an $18 million National Dislocated Worker Grant to the State of California. The money is to be used for workers who lost their job because of the California drought. “For so many in California’s growing regions, water has been their livelihood for …

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Water theft on the rise

California Water Theft on Rise

As the California drought continues, water is becoming more and more of a scarce commodity. Residents in the Central Valley, the hardest hit area in the state, are now taking things into their own hands. Some are beginning to steal water from their neighbors. To try and combat the problem, homeowners have …

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