Cadiz Water Project Garners Broad Support in Latest Legal Battle

Clean Water Bill Gets Vote

The Cadiz Water Project has received eleven “friend of the court” briefs filed with California Court of Appeals 4th District by diverse organizations and agencies in support of the project’s environmental approval under California environmental laws. The organizations represent private and public water agencies, labor unions, building industries, businesses and …

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Catalina Island to receive desalination technology from GE

Catalina Fights California Drought

When Governor Jerry Brown announced his mandatory water cutbacks, Catalina Island, located off the coast near Long Beach, was told to cut 50 percent of its water usage. To help meet that cutback, Southern California Edison (SCE) is expanding the island’s current desalination plant. SCE will utilize GE’s advanced desalination …

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Permit applications filed for twin tunnels

Tunnels Could Help CA Drought

State and Federal agencies announced last week that they have jointly filed some of the first permit applications for the Governor’s proposed twin tunnels project to help carry water from the north to central and southern regions of the state. The Department of Water Resources and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation want approval …

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Water pumping leading to infrastructure damage

Water Pumping California's Only Option

During times of severe drought, Californians rely on the pumping of groundwater to survive. Whenever these periods of intense drought occurs, the ground near water supplies begins to sink. This natural phenomenon, known as subsidence, has been seen over time. The one thing that’s different this time, however, is how …

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Delta project could lead to loss of farmland

Delta Project Impacts Farmland

Under Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal for two massive water tunnels, state contractors have begun planning for the unapproved project. The proposed water tunnels would restructure the San Joaquin Delta – the largest supply of water in the state – to deliver water to Southern California. Part of the initial plan …

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